Hi Dianita Babes,

Welcome to Dianita! I’m very EXCITED that you’ve found me and possibly continuously supports me and now want more!

I’m Dianita- the founder & owner of Diana R. Coronado

I started with Zumba®️ Fitness in 2010. I got certified as a Zumba Instructor December 14, 2012 I opened my Zumba Studio “Dianita Fitness Studio or known as Zumba®️ with Dianita” from the group of ladies in my community. I witnessed how women were embracing their health, weight loss journeys and fitness. I felt the urge to continue to help many women as I could creating different weight loss challenges. Helping many women start their fitness journey and reached their weight loss goals. Maintaining achievable goals.

Dianita Fitness Studio was closed due to the pandemic but that led Me to move my work online with Zumba®️ classes, trainings online, and Work online with different nutrition plans and challenges.

Dianita was founded shortly after in 2020.

Being a Zumba®️ Fitness Instructor, and Certified Fitness Training Coach. I’ve been Heavily involved in the fitness and nutrition industry. I always felt something was missing and it was my women’s fitness apparel. I’m obsessed with fitness active wear , but I just couldn’t find the really cute ones and most comfortable while working out. Activewear has always been on the back of my mind. So in 2020 I started working on what would become Dianita.

I did my research and found my designer, manufacturers and MOST IMPORTANTLY- FABRIC - that would be the perfect matched for Dianita Vision.

We officially launch Dianita website in February 2021 with my very first Dianita Training System Vol. 1 Collection.

Moving forward we are closed to launching my very first Limited Edition Activewear Collection and shapewear.

All of Dianita packing is shipped with love and unique touched. I truly express my gratitude and appreciation for my customers.

I’m ALL about inspiring, motivating, Encouraging to support women around the world.

Dianita serves as one-stop for all body goal needs. My goal is to help women around the world look good and feel confident while reaching their personal fitness goals. All you need is dedication, consistency, and faith throughout the process.

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